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12 Sep 12

Happy Cum Swallow

It’s always great to see a hot babe with cum in her mouth and a smile on her face!

charlieann eats-cock swallows jizz78

We are just so thankful that hot babes like cum swallowing like this!

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7 Sep 12

Sexy Hot Betty

Betty here loves cum – The only reason she’s willing to degrade herself by getting on her knees and sucking cock is because she can’t make cum out of thing air…. And she loves the cum!

This blonde beauty queen would spend all of her time sucking off cock in the hopes of getting in as much cum as she can…..

betty sucks cock gets facial1

And of course looking as hot as she is… Young Betty here always gets what she wants!!!!

She was well rewarded with a huge load of man goo on her face, in her mouth, and on her beautiful knockers!!!!

betty sucks cock gets facial2

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9 Aug 12

Vegas Part Two

Looks like Thomas from Amateur Allure had a good time in Vegas this past week…. He found this hottie willing to suck off his cock!

cock sucking whores who sawallow vegas3

Not only was she a great cock sucker, but she also loved to swallow the cum – and we know how Thomas loves to have chicks swallow down his man goo!!!

She seemed to love swallowing it down!!!

cock sucking whores who sawallow vegas4

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15 Jan 12

Tight Whore Mouth

This hot little bitch from the Sperm Swap website needed a little bit of help choking down the chicken here…. So he grabbed her back the back of her hair and made sure she was sucking his cock off properly!

Trust us, when your not getting what you want we have no problem showing them the pimping hand!!!!

sperm lover2

Once she figured out what he liked, the rest was easy! She sucked and she sucked, and it seemed like each time she went down on him she went a little bit further until she was sucking down the entire cock!!!!

It was only a matter of time before he spit out his loud – right into her tight little whore mouth!!!!

sperm lover3

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25 Dec 11

Jizz Bomb On Face

She wanted it – and wanted it badly! You can tell from the way she was sucking cock… She was on fire, she wanted nothing more at that exact moment than to please him by sucking his cock! And please him she did too! No one can give a blow job as good as Nicole can!

When she knew he was about ready, he held his cock in front of her mouth….. She had her mouth wide open, tongue hanging out – she wanted every last drop of jizz that he was about to donate to her cause!

She must have really loved jizz!

school girl eats cum1 school girl eats cum2

Oh, he let go all right – and dropped his jizz all over her face!

Most of it went into her mouth, but she still got jizz all over her face! And it looks like she likes it too!

school girl eats cum3

Looks like she’s trying to lick up every last drop – right off of her finger! His jizz must be finger licking good!

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This blonde babe here loves the cock…..

With her mouth full of cock and those big green eyes looking back at you….. I wouldn’t be able to stop the flow of sperm from touching down on her tongue!

blonde teen-loves cock

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6 Nov 11

Without Gagging

This hot little blonde from Swallow My Nut looks almost good enough to eat… One would think she wasn’t properly trained in giving head, but trust me, this blonde whore can give it as good as she can get it! And of course we all know it’s better to give then to receive!

And she’s great at giving – giving head that is!

hot blonde swallows-cock deep2

But boy oh boy… Did her eyes open up wide when she had most of his cock in her mouth and he suddenly came inside of her without warning!


hot blonde swallows-cock deep3

She took it like a champ – without gagging too!

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24 Oct 11

Really Loves Sperm

Some chicks like eating sperm so much that it’s difficult to produce enough sperm in one sitting to satisfy her….. So what she does is get four men together at one time, and takes turns sucking them all off… It’s like having four times the amount of jizz, all at the same time!

slut sucks off four cocks2

Now that’s going to be a lot of sperm!

She’ll have them drop it on her face first, and then she’ll scoop it all up and put it in her mouth!

slut sucks off four cocks3

This little slut must really love sperm!

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