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17 Aug 12

Four Cocks At Once

Some gets get off riding on top, and some girls love the power of having their man’s cock buried deep in their mouths. Yet others love loads of cum in their mouth; The more cum they get the happier they are! And it’s like an obsession. The only way for her to get more cum is to get more cocks in on the action – today it was four cocks at once!

Surely this hot little brunette is going to get more cum than she is used to!

sperm cocktail1 sperm cocktail2

One after another, cocks lined up, ready to go – all ready to squirt a hot load of cum in her mouth for her to swallow it down!

sperm cocktail3

All four cocks spit their load deep into her mouth and she took each one in and sucked it all down!!!!

sperm cocktail4

This cum loving whore took down more cum than she had ever taken down in one cock sucking session ever before!!!!

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6 Jan 12

Super Sperm Swap

I think that all women secretly like cum. They just don’t want us to catch on because then they’ll end up spending most of their free time on their knees sucking cock like it’s their favorite hobby.

Why else would two hot women be so willing to share a cock?


It’s because they want to stroke it and suck it, and then milk it like a cow – and get every last fucking drop of cum out of the tip of that cock!!!

Then they can share it between the two of them….


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We always love chicks who love to share cocks…. It’s almost like there isn’t enough cock to go around!

The blonde with her mouth full of cock looks rather happy! She must really enjoy sucking down cock!

two hot sexy-teen cum swappers1

But it was her slutty girlfriend that got the load of cum in her mouth!

That’s fine, because she promised to share the cum with her girlfriend if she got it first… They both love cum that much!!!!

two hot sexy-teen cum swappers2

Thank god for Jizz Jugglers!!!!!

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