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Sexy and spooky naked asian kitty sucks and deep throats a big dick before he pounds her tight shaved pussy and fills her mouth with cum.

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Naughty teen veterinary assistant sucks and deep throats cock. She has no gag reflex and a tight shaved pussy. She gets fucked hard and swallows a big sticky load of jizz.

To see more beautiful cum swallowing girls to to amateur allure!

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Stunning blonde cock sucker fucks a huge dick and swallows cum.

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29 Aug 12

Jizz Cumshot

Don’t you just love it when chicks look like they are happy to swallow a load of jizz? This dark haired babe has her mouth wide open, and it looks like a big smile on her face as her man shoots his sperm right into her mouth! What a great cum shot that is!

There’s no way for her to avoid his load of jizz from going right in her mouth!

lots of spermy jizz1

But once the jizz is in her mouth, she’s not the type to quickly spit it out…. Oh no, not this hottie! She knows that she belongs to him, is owned by him, and the proper way for this kinky little slut is to open up her mouth and show him that she’s still got his jizz load in her mouth! All of it! She knows her place, and knows she’s going to have to sperm swallow it all down!

lots of spermy jizz2

She’ll gladly swallow down his load of jizz! She just loves the way a jizz load feels sliding down the back of her throat!

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21 Aug 12

Super Swallow

Looks like this teen hottie from Amateur Allure is about to sperm swallow a beautiful load of sperm…..

pamela loves-eating cock13

It always cracks me up that women are willing to sit there and take a load of our hot sticky jizz in their mouth – and then swallow it down!

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17 Aug 12

Four Cocks At Once

Some gets get off riding on top, and some girls love the power of having their man’s cock buried deep in their mouths. Yet others love loads of cum in their mouth; The more cum they get the happier they are! And it’s like an obsession. The only way for her to get more cum is to get more cocks in on the action – today it was four cocks at once!

Surely this hot little brunette is going to get more cum than she is used to!

sperm cocktail1 sperm cocktail2

One after another, cocks lined up, ready to go – all ready to squirt a hot load of cum in her mouth for her to swallow it down!

sperm cocktail3

All four cocks spit their load deep into her mouth and she took each one in and sucked it all down!!!!

sperm cocktail4

This cum loving whore took down more cum than she had ever taken down in one cock sucking session ever before!!!!

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Isn’t this chick with her mouth full of a rock hard cock just beautiful?

Then again, chicks with their mouths crammed with cock are always beautiful!!!

stephanie deep throating whore swallows man goo1

This woman knows a thing or two about sucking down cock! Her name is Stephanie, and she’s on the Amateur Allure website. I love that website!

Stephanie here is a cock sucking expert. No mistake about it. She can suck off your cock while licking your nut sack; When she’s deep throating cock she looks up at you with her big eyes! That’s a huge turn on when chicks are sucking you off and looking up at you!

stephanie deep throating whore swallows man goo2

Of course, she swallows the cum too!!!!

stephanie deep throating whore swallows man goo3

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No matter what, we’ll always have whores that are willing to do whatever we want… This hot little brunette with the super tight body is a nice little whore always does what she’s told! If you tell her to get down on her hands and knees and tell her to crawl to you to suck your cock, she’ll do exactly what she’s told to do….

You just know she’s gong to use her talents to get him off quickly! Why can’t more women be like this?


Sure enough, just like she was told, she started sucking down cock – All of it! She just doesn’t know how to say the word no, and she loves to please!

She’s pleasing him to no end by deep throating his cock all the way down her mouth! His cock is tickling her throat, that’s for sure!

lisa-loves-sperm2 lisa-loves-sperm3

She loves to please to the point where when it was time for him to cum, she moved her hair out of the way, opened up her mouth, and let him drop his entire load of jizz right into her mouth! She sucked it all down and then let it slide down her throat!


Being as she’s the type of chick that loves to please, it’s not the first time she’s swallowed jizz!

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14 May 12

Swallowing Jizz

This is exactly why we love the Amateur Allure website…. Lots of hot babes sucking cock, and more importantly to us here at the Swallow Central Blog, swallowing jizz.

This is Christie from Amateur Allure. She’s got her mouth open wide and her mouth full of jizz!

christie swallows-cum5

And she looks damn happy about it too!

christie swallows-cum6

We like girls that are happy when they are swallowing jizz!

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11 Apr 12

Megan Goes Deep

Megan really knows how suck down some cock! She’s got his entire cock in her mouth, deep throating the entire thing! She’s not protesting, complaining, or even coming up for air. She’s just holding all of his cock in her mouth!

Nothing makes a man happier than when a woman sucks down an entire cock in one huge gulp!

megan loves sucking cock eating jizz1

She keep going down and down…. Taking his entire cock and making it tickle the back of her throat!

Have you ever seen such a beautiful sight?

megan loves sucking cock eating jizz2 megan loves sucking cock eating jizz3

While young Megan had his entire cock embedded in her throat, Thomas from Amateur Allure dropped his load – right on her tongue!

Megan opened up her mouth and showed off the load of cum in her mouth! She looks pretty happy about having his load of sperm on her tongue!

megan loves sucking cock eating jizz4

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