24 Sep 12

Hot Cum Swappers

There is nothing hotter in the world than two chicks sucking down on the same cock…. You just know his cock is going to burst. The only question is which one of these hotties is going to get his load of cum???

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Turns out Eva – the hot brunette of this cock sucking tag team – is going to be the one who gets the load of cum in her mouth!!!!

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But she’s not greedy so she’s going to share it all with her blonde haired girlfriend Vanessa…. Because Vanessa is a truly a cum junkie who loves the taste of cum in her mouth!

And Vanessa will take all of the cum she can get!!!!

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We love cum whores!!!!

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You got to love school girls who have never seen a cock before! Young Rachel might not have ever held a cock in her hand before – she went to an all girls school where the joys of lesbian sex was what they learned – yet magically she seems to know what to do with that cock!

The look on her face is one of pure amazement!

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Somehow she knows she needs to grab his cock and put it in her mouth, rubbing her tongue and her lips on his cock!

Although she doesn’t know this, it turns us on when a woman holds our cock in her hand while she’s sucking it off!

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This first time cock sucker, still in her plaid school girl skirt, turns him on so much that he dropped his load right in her mouth!

She had never tasted jizz before, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as all of her friends had told her!

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I love it when hot chicks get all dressed up to visit Thomas at Amateur Allure….. That’s right – they are getting dressed up to go over to Thomas’s house and suck him off!

Lucky fucking stiff!


This dark haired beauty with the dark eyes looks smoking hot! Of course, she looks much hotter with that cock in her mouth, that’s for sure!!!!


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21 Sep 12

Hot Ball Licker

That’s a sexy shot of a hot ball licker!

loren sexy cum-swallowing hottie67

That’s a great way to start off a blow job! Finish it up with cum swallowing down the jizz, and everything in the middle is easy!

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I didn’t believe my good fortune when this dirty brunette amateur rang my doorbell. She looked stunning and I could hardly think straight when I saw those lovely boobs of hers. She wanted to step inside and give me some sucking, so of course I had to accept. When this cutie got my hard dick in her sweet slit, she came her brains out and I was close behind her. You can catch the whole XXX movie of this amateur cutie getting a mouthful of spooge over at Amateur Allure!

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Every wonder what it would be like to have Britney Spears sucking on your cock? Well, thanks to a website called Papa Loads we have a young Britney Spears who seems to love swallowing down cum!!!!

This chick is an oral queen! What beautiful brown eyes she has!

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But even better yet is how sweet she looks when she takes a load full of cum – He was aiming for her mouth because young Britney here promised to swallow it all down, but his load of man gunk was huge and hit her all over the place!!!!

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But she still looks like the young whore that she always has been, even with her face covered with cum!

young britney loves cum4

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This lovely brunette cutie is never on time for work. At fist, her manager let it slide because of those lovely boobs of hers, but it’s starting to get old. Today when she came in her manager was already in a shitty mood and when she had to come up with a plan to take his mind off her bullshit. She brought him into her office and started sucking up his stiff dick until he dropped his load in her mouth. This hot brunette amateur enjoys the taste of spooge and she gets plenty. The greatest amateur babes are always at Amateur Allure!

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I wish all hot amateur chicks gave head like this. Her name is Bella and she’s new to sucking on camera, but this stunning amateur cutie has a crazy streak like you wouldn’t believe. When her manager gets mad at her, she decides to blow him to chill him out. By the time she’s done working that sweet slit on his hard dick, he’s ready to blow. You can see Bella and lots of other erotic young jizz drinkers over at Amateur Allure!

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Jenny knows all there is to know about sucking cock! Or at the very least she knows to pay attention to our nut sack, which is important to use – not enough cock sucking sluts pay enough attention this area!

And Jenny here not only likes to kiss and lick our balls, but also sucks on our nut sack! This is one hot cock sucking teen slut!

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She’s going to be well paid with jizz in her mouth… Oh yeah, Jenny loves to cum swallow too!

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Jenny the cock sucking whore might just be cum swallowing marriage material!

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15 Sep 12

Freckle Blow Job

Julia has a wicked tongue….. And she knows how to use it! She puts it to good use licking the shaft of his cock, up and down, up and down, over and over again…. Until bam – He comes right in her mouth!

julia teen freckles loves dick

We love it when young teens with freckles love sucking cock!!!!

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