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Gorgeous blonde teen deep throats cock and bouces on a big cock before her beautiful face is covered with cum then spooned off and fed to her.

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Hot brunette teen with perky tits and tight pussy loves to suck cock in her

cute little Halloween outfit.  A little cum on her face makes her tricks and

treats complete.

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Michelle has always prided herself on being the best cock sucker out of all of her friends. It’s something she’s always enjoyed doing, and she’s damn good at it too! There’s just something about getting down on her knees and worshipping her man by rubbing her tongue and lips on his cock!

In fact, Michelle is so good at sucking cock….

michelle takes cumshot106

She’s so damn good that she’s quickly able to get off any man – and get a nice cumshot of jizz across the face!

This guy has a ton of sperm, and he’s saved him up so he could squirt it out all across her face!

michelle takes cumshot107 michelle takes cumshot108

Now, it’s not fair to say that Michelle is a slut. Yeah, she gets around a little bit more than most of her girlfriends, but that’s mostly because she has a wild oral obsession.

But it is fair to say that Michelle knows to take down a facial! Like a good little whore!

michelle takes cumshot109

She’s just hoping she gets some sperm in her mouth, because the loves to swallow it down.

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11 Aug 12

Sperm Blog

This little dark haired slut loves her sperm any which way she can get it. For her, the only way a man can truly say “I love you” is by dropping a huge sperm bomb right in her mouth!

In this case, this stud had a lot of sperm and was more than willing to share it with her six different ways from next Tuesday. There was sperm everywhere, in her mouth, dripping from her chin, on her boobies…. It was like a cum bath!

khloe loves jizz

Thankfully this little slut isn’t afraid of a little jizz… Or a lot of jizz! It’s like a damn Cum Fiesta!

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4 Aug 12

Jizz Surprise

Jennifer here refused to swallow jizz. That doesn’t make for a good girlfriend now does it? But it’s easy to fix.

Tie her up, and then put a blind fold on her. When your ready to jizz just pull out a little and make sure she keeps her mouth open. She won’t know what hit her!

eating sperm4

Bam, jizz – right in her mouth!

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We sure hope this chick loves eating cum…..

goo eater13

Because she’s got a lot of cum heading her way!

goo eater14

She seemed to take it all down like a champ though! That’s our kind of cum loving slut!!!!

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21 Jul 12

Hot Facial

Sometimes the best thing about a blow job is looking down and seeing a beautiful woman making love to your cock…. And the more beautiful they are, the hotter the blow job is!!!

This little blonde is a hottie. She’s got perfect tits. With this chick I’d want her on her knees over me while she’s sucking my cock, so I can feel her beautiful perfectly sized breasts rubbing up on my chest!

all chicks love cum3

But either way I’d explode all over her, on face, on her perfect tits, and on her mouth…. I know this little hottie wants to swallow down all of my cum!!!!

all chicks love cum4

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30 Jun 12

Wife Swallows Jizz

This is what all men need….. A hot big breasted wife that loves to suck cock, and also who loves to eat jizz!

There’s a rumor floating around for ages that once a woman gets married, they’ll never have to suck cock again. Bullshit. Once they get married, it means they’ll be sucking cock for the rest of their life. Not sure where that rumor started, but we need to put an end to it right now.

Wifey from Wifey’s World is a perfect example! She’s someone’s wife who loves to suck cock on a regular, if not a daily basis, and not only that… She swallows his jizz too! All of the jizz her man can produce, she’ll swallow down! Now that’s what I call a wife!


I bet you she can cook too, but that’s not the important part. The important part is watching her swallow down load after load two or three times a week!

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8 Jun 12

Huge Facial

Isn’t this beautiful? A lovely hot little blonde haired slut sucking down cock – not sucking cock, but deep throating his cock whole!

And it doesn’t seem like she’s gagging or wanting to come up for air!!!!

sarah vandella cum junkie1

She sucked him off for a long time, deep throating him constantly….. Until he dropped his cum right in her mouth!

This blonde haired whore took it all in stride – and took most of his cum in her mouth!

sarah vandella cum junkie2

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7 Jun 12

Cum Mission

Savannah was on a mission – she was on a mission to swallow cum. Ever since she could remember she loved to swallow cum. It was like drinking a cup of hot tea, although a bit more thicker. But she loved the way it felt in her throat as it slowly slid down….

But she also liked sucking cock too! She loved the way it felt in her hand as she licked it from his balls to the tip of his cock, and then when she swallowed it down in her mouth!


She wanted the cum so bad that when he was about ready to cum she laid down on her back and had him place his cock right above her face – to ensure his cum went right into her mouth!

And she took his entire load right in her mouth without complaint!


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