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24 Sep 12

Hot Cum Swappers

There is nothing hotter in the world than two chicks sucking down on the same cock…. You just know his cock is going to burst. The only question is which one of these hotties is going to get his load of cum???

vanessa eva hot babes swallow cum1

Turns out Eva – the hot brunette of this cock sucking tag team – is going to be the one who gets the load of cum in her mouth!!!!

vanessa eva hot babes swallow cum2

But she’s not greedy so she’s going to share it all with her blonde haired girlfriend Vanessa…. Because Vanessa is a truly a cum junkie who loves the taste of cum in her mouth!

And Vanessa will take all of the cum she can get!!!!

vanessa eva hot babes swallow cum3

We love cum whores!!!!

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Eager blonde gets face fucked and gags on cock only to have her pussy fucked hard with a big cock and her mouth filled with a big sticky load of cum.

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Ashlyn loves sucking cock! You can tell from the amount of effort she puts into it!

She’s got a handful of cock and she’s going down on it like she might not see a cock for a long time!

ashlyn cum swallows67

Don’t worry, this hot blonde teen does it all… Including cum swallowing!

Damn, blonde chicks always look so sexy when they cum swallow jizz!

ashlyn cum swallows69

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6 Jan 12

Super Sperm Swap

I think that all women secretly like cum. They just don’t want us to catch on because then they’ll end up spending most of their free time on their knees sucking cock like it’s their favorite hobby.

Why else would two hot women be so willing to share a cock?


It’s because they want to stroke it and suck it, and then milk it like a cow – and get every last fucking drop of cum out of the tip of that cock!!!

Then they can share it between the two of them….


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Just when Bella thought she had seen and done it all when it came to oral sex, along comes Jack with his huge cock, bag of tricks, and kinky demands!

She thought she knew it all; It’s not like she hasn’t sucked off enough cock in her time. But when she took his cock and put it into her mouth he went deeper and deeper each time, deeper than every man she had ever sucked off before! His cock was wide too, wider than any other cock she’s ever seen before! It really took her by surprise!


She sucked him off, doing the very best she had ever done. Bella knew she might never be able to suck off a cock like this again – so it was time to put her best effort forward!

And the pay off was huge! A huge load of sperm right in the face and in her mouth! Bella loved having jizz in her mouth; She loves how it’s warm when it slides down the back of her throat….


Of course, she looks so beautiful when she’s naked and on her knees, cock in hand, her face covered with jizz and cum in her mouth!

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We always love chicks who love to share cocks…. It’s almost like there isn’t enough cock to go around!

The blonde with her mouth full of cock looks rather happy! She must really enjoy sucking down cock!

two hot sexy-teen cum swappers1

But it was her slutty girlfriend that got the load of cum in her mouth!

That’s fine, because she promised to share the cum with her girlfriend if she got it first… They both love cum that much!!!!

two hot sexy-teen cum swappers2

Thank god for Jizz Jugglers!!!!!

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Some women love to swallow jizz – in bulk! And Jennifer here, with her overly large all natural breasts and beautiful dark hair, and a willingness to suck cock!

In fact, not only does this big breasted beauty enjoy sucking cock, but she craves jizz. Buckets of jizz. She loves jizz that much!

big breasted chick sucks three cocks eats jizz3

She loves jizz so much that it takes three cocks to spit out enough cum for her to swallow down!

With a cock in each hand, she had a third cock in her mouth; She was busy licking him up and down! The entire time she was stroking off those two other cocks to keep them warmed up so that when the time was ready for them to spit out all of their jizz! And trust me, they were ready!

How can you not be ready to cum instantly when you have a hot little big breasted slut who is interesting taking on cocks three at a time! Only a special kind of woman can do this!

big breasted chick sucks three cocks eats jizz4

One at a time she had them all ready to cum….. And each and every one of them put their jizz in her mouth, right on her tongue!

big breasted chick sucks three cocks eats jizz5 big breasted chick sucks three cocks eats jizz6

That’s a lot of jizz for her to swallow down!

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